Welcome to my site!

I’m Emma- an Aussie girl who has been living in Finland for the past year, after moving to Helsinki to take up a position as a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland. I’ve always been passionate about travel and for nearly 4 years whilst taking a break from postgraduate study, I worked as a travel agent. My favourite part of this job (aside from the frequent opportunities for personal travel) was helping to create amazing holidays for my clients. I hope that through this blog I can also help you with some inspiration and motivation to explore and discover the world.

On this site I share my thoughts and experiences on a range of topics, from living in Finland, to travel adventures around Europe (and sometimes further), why I’m passionate about science, as well as insights into my path towards a more consumer-conscious, eco-friendly lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy- I’d love to hear your thoughts, ideas or feedback about any of my posts!